Hello, and welcome to my new blog!

Before we begin on this journey and I explain to you what this is all about, I want to thank (and apologise to) the V&A Musem since I am using the name of one of their exhibitions for my first blog post. In my defence, it was quite a brilliant (and only a bit cliche) name and, well, the post is also based on that exhibition, so I guess it makes sense. But one thing at the time.

My name is Alessandro and I am a multimedia journalist and photographer. I have been thinking for a while about entering the creative industries to experiment with new forms of journalism, but more generally to test new technologies first-hand and to learn what they can do when used creatively.

It is thus that I have started a MA course in Creative Technology at Middlesex University. I’m not gonna give an overview of the course here but, as far as this blog is concerned, I’ll be using the University’s amazing resources to create (hopefully) just as amazing stuff.

This blog is going to be an online diary of my technological and creative adventures. You are expected to see a lot of me struggling with coding, occasionally burning stuff and most certainly building something interesting (we do have assignments after all!)

Okay, I wanna know about that exhibition now

The Future Starts Here exhibition was extremely interesting. I’m afraid I cannot write a proper review here, cause it would go beyond the purpose of this blog.

However, what I can briefly say is that, although the concept of technology had an all-too-familiar flavour of looming dystopia, it also contained installations full of unexpected optimism. And at the end of it, you could even vote on whether you think robots will kill us all or not, and see the results of what attendants thought.


In terms of personal inspiration, what I found more interesting at the exhibition were two separate concepts.

The first one related to the relationship between technology and democracy, and the democratization of technology itself. In other words, now that technology is widely available, are we freer than before? Is a word completely covered with CCTVs safer or scarier for people?


The second installation that grabbed my attention was the one related to the ability to preserve our memories after death. Is it therapeutical to create a bot with the personality of someone we’ve lost? Would we feel better listening to the voice of the dead, or instead perceive that thing as a disrespectful, dumb robot? Since these technologies are moving forward really fast, I believe we should really start asking ourselves those questions.

Existential questions aside, or maybe just because of them, the exhibition was really good. It will be on until November 4th, and you should really go and see it!

Thanks for reading!

I realise it was a lengthy introduction for a blog, so if you read until this point, thanks very much! My future entries will be shorter and will focus on one thing at the time. They will also be more practical and have photos and videos of me and my friends creating unusual stuff,  so stay tuned!


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