Hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog! The Christmas holidays are quickly coming to an end, so I hope you ate and slept and enjoyed as much as I did or more.

Between one thing and the other, me and my colleagues (although remotely), have been working on our projects, which are slowly taking shape, moving from theoretical ideas to finished products.

Small Object of Delight

If you’re not familiar with the SOD check this post here. Kannika and I finally managed to work out both the technical side of the thing, as well as finding magnets strong enough to attract each other through the hard, 3D-printed spheres we used to encompass the microprocessor.

As far as the technology is concerned, we are using an Arduino Nano with an ADXL335 analogue accelerometer module connected to a LED ring. Whenever the module’s X and Y axes change, the LEDs on the ring will lit up in a different direction. This way, whenever the user is playing with the spheres, turning them around in her hands, the light patterns will change. Down below is a GIF demonstrating this concept.

As for the magnets, well, they just work!

By next week we’ll have to paint one of the spheres black, find an external powering source for the Arduino (at the moment is powered through a USB connection to a laptop) and put everything together, so stay tuned for the first official version of our Magnetic Eclipse!

360 Video Project

I’m not gonna lie, this is arguably the project we’re struggling more with. We know it’s gonna be a horror VR experience and that we’re (probably) going to integrate some form of user interaction through Unity, but it’s still all very much in the making.

We have shot some footage with a 360 camera and Nilou has painstakingly tried to clean it up and to integrate a 2D clip in it, but it’s proving harder than anticipated, and we probably will have to make some drastic changes and to shoot some more. For the time being, enjoy a sneak peek of our 360 elevator horror scene down below.

Tackling Music Anxiety in VR

As far as this project is concerned, we are steadily moving forward. We got most of the Unity assets we needed and Justinas put them all together.

We now have a VR experience where the player is able to walk around the scene and to get on stage, where the music starts automatically. We also have an animated audience, which we will program to react to the user’s interaction with the microphone on stage and other elements.

Here is a short GIF from the first version of the VR experience:

Other Arduino Projects

Last but not least our Arduino group projects! In case you’re not familiar with them you can read more on this post.

Long story short, I will be working on the assessment videos for all these projects, so you’ll start seeing them popping up on the blog in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, together with Ola, I’ll be working on the graphics to be displayed on-screen for our fountain project.

Thanks for reading!

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