This is probably going to be a shorter entry than usual since we’re in reading week so we had no classes.

As this is also an online diary of sort for creative-technology-related stuff, I will mention here the main two relevant points of the week.

More Prototyping 

The Small Object of Delight (SOD) is slowly taking shape. The prototypes we worked on this week were more like the actual thing, although the technology still has to be properly implemented in them.

For the Magnetic Eclipse project (read more about both prototypes in my previous post), we have created two spheres using papier-mâché, then painted them. We have cut out a bit of the material following some similar projects we found online.

Example of a semi-transparent sphere with LEDs inside

According to the same idea, we thought we could attach the Arduino and the various light and magnet components to the portion of the sphere we had removed. To experiment with the feasibility of the concept, and to check if the material used was transparent enough to let the light shine through it, we have used a basic Arduino LED program. The results were quite promising!

As for the Twisty Meow project, we have done some research on the more technical aspects of its functioning. We have bought a simple headset with LEDs inside to check the wiring and opened it up, to understand how it worked.

We have also researched how the Arduino Sound Detection sensor works. Apparently, the sensor is not extremely precise and requires a lot of wiring, which made us think it would be quite cumbersome to have on a headset. We’ll have to come up with a solution to this problem, or we will be forced to scrap this design and think about something else using this technology.

We are still experimenting with different materials and textures, so these concepts will probably evolve further as they approach their final versions, but it was good to get our hands dirty.

The Creative Machine 2

On a different note, me, Justinas and Nilou went to the Creative Machine 2 exhibition at the University of Goldsmith on Thursday. If many technology-related exhibitions have a kind of dystopc vibe to them, this one was straight out of Orwell’s darkest nightmares.

Everything was both deeply disturbing and absolutely fascinating. The exhibition focused on machine learning and what it could do, but I felt like all the items were purposely being chosen to cause a sense of anxiety in the observer.

From the head of a dead dear with eyes following you around to a room full of machine-generated sounds and images, the exhibition was quite unique. You can find more about it here.

Next week our SOD project will evolve even further, and we will be introducing the first ideas for our VR project. Thanks for reading!

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